A New System for Quantitative Arterial Imaging and Blood Flow Measurements

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Cunningham IA, Hobbs BB, Fenster A. A new system for quantitative arterial imaging and blood flow measurements.A new x-ray imaging system is being developed for quantitative arterial imaging and blood flow measurements. The system consists of an x-ray image intensifier optically coupled with a 1024-element photo-diode detector array. Low-noise, quantitative images are obtained by irradiating small regions of interest to minimize the detection of scattered radiation and intensifier tube veiling glare, and by making use of the large dynamic range (8000:1) and response linearity of the solid-state photo-detector.In the first of two modes of operation, low-noise scanned projection images are produced. Stenosis size (reduction of lumen area) in phantoms is determined with a maximum uncertainty of 10% over a range of iodine contrast agent concentrations of 4 to 100 mg/ml in a 1.0 cm2 cross-sectional area tube, independent of stenosis orientation and size.In the second mode, flow information is obtained by detecting the movement of a small, locally injected iodine bolus. Peak flow velocity and locations of flow separation and turbulence resulting from simulated stenoses are determined with stenosis sizes ranging from 0 to 84% area reduction.

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