Percutaneous Ablation of Canine Prostate Using Transrectal Ultrasound Guidance: Absolute Ethanol and Nd:YAG Laser

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Percutaneous absolute ethanol injections and Nd: YAG laser ablations were performed bilaterally in canine prostates (N=13) using transrectal ultrasound guidance. Seventy-one percent (10/14) of the ethanol injections produced an intraglandular focus of hemorrhagic necrosis. Associated morbidity of ethanol injections included necrosis of the external prostatic sphincter and mucosa of the urethra and bladder. Ninety-two percent (11/12) of the laser ablations produced intraglandular foci of thermal tissue damage, which had distinct margins of transition between necrotic and viable cells. The areas of ablation were well visualized by ultrasound and had minimal associated morbidity. The results of this study demonstrate the technical feasibility and low potential morbidity of transrectal ultrasound guided Nd:YAG laser ablations in the canine prostate.

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