Value of Computed Tomography in Patients with Persistent Vertigo After Stapes Surgery

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RATIONALE AND OBJECTIVESThe value of computed tomography was evaluated in 14 patients with persistent vertigo after otosclerosis operation.METHODSHigh-resolution computed tomography was performed with 1-mm slice thickness and table feed in the axial and coronal planes.RESULTSComputed tomography scans showed in 13 case findings that related to symptoms. An air bubble at the end of the prosthesis as a new, indirect sign of a perilymphatic fistula was found in 6 cases. An incorrect position of the stapes prostheses was diagnosed in 7 patients. One patient had recurrence of otosclerosis, and two others developed scarring around the prosthesis. In 1 case, an incus necrosis was found. Some patients showed two signs simultaneously. The computed tomography results were confirmed by retympanotomy in 12 cases.CONCLUSIONSComputed tomography proved to be a valuable method in the diagnosis of persistent vertigo after otosclerosis operation. The indication for a repeat operation was facilitated by the use of computed tomography.

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