Moxifloxacin: sequential therapy produces rapid improvements in CAP

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The broad spectrum antibacterial agent moxifloxacin [Avelox] has advantages over high-dose ceftriaxone with or without erythromycin in the treatment of community-acquired pneumonia (CAP), according to a study presented at the 14th Annual European Congress of Clinical Microbiology and Infectious Diseases (ECCMID) [Prague, Czech Republic; May 2004]. In this study, which involved almost 400 patients, clinical success rates were comparable among moxifloxacin and ceftriaxone/erythromycin recipients. However, fever and chest pain resolved more rapidly among patients who received moxifloxacin. The benefits of sequential moxifloxacin therapy in CAP were confirmed in a post-marketing surveillance study also presented at the meeting. Clinical improvement was achieved within 3 days of the initiation of treatment in more than half of the patients, and 90% experienced improvements within 7 days.

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