Rose K contact lens fitting for keratoconus

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We evaluated the clinical outcome and fitting characteristics with Rose K contact lenses in patients with irregular astigmatism due to keratoconus.


About 19 patients with keratoconus were fitted with Rose K lens in the Cornea Department at the Fatih Sultan Mehmet Training and Research Hospital between May 2005 and April 2006. Patients were between 19 and 32 years of age. All the patients underwent a complete ophthalmic examination and best-corrected visual acuity measurements were taken with glasses at the baseline visit. During biomicroscopic evaluation, position, and centralization of the contact lens and fluorescein staining were noted. Visual acuity, contact lens comfort, and daily contact lens wearing time after fitting were evaluated.


A total of 96% of the patients tolerated the fitting. The mean daily wearing time was 10.7 h. There was a significant increase in visual acuity with Rose K lens compared with best-corrected spectacle visual acuity.


Rose K lenses are a viable alternative in the visual rehabilitation of patients with keratoconus.

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