Toxoplasma gondii:an atypical presentation of toxoplasma as optic disc swelling and hemispherical retinal vein occlusion treated with intravitreal clindamycin

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To present a case of toxoplasmosis with an atypical presentation and treated successfully with intravitreal clindamycin.


A young Brazilian woman presented with panuveitis and disc swelling with associated hemispheric vascular occlusion in one eye. The presumed diagnosis was of a papillitis with vasculitis due to an unknown inflammatory condition.


Following treatment with intravenous corticosteroids, macular star appeared 1 week after treatment. On the 2nd week, a focus of retinitis appeared, and the patient was started on antitoxoplasma treatment. This was poorly tolerated, and the patient was injected with intravitreal clindamycin. Inflammation eventually settled and an organized lesion typical of toxoplasma chorioretinitis was observed.


We describe an unusual presentation and the detrimental effects of toxoplasmosis in an otherwise immunocompetent subject. As the patient was not tolerating systemic antitoxoplasma treatment, intravitreal injection was administered and proved to be effective and well tolerated.

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