The Communicative Experience: Between Inexpressibile and Elusive

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This is a commentary on Cornejo's Intersubjectivity as co-phenomenology: from the holism to the being-in-the-world-with-others, co-phenomenology, in which meaning is defined as a construal of phenomenological experience, not an individual creation, but rather an intersubjective one. In this paper the basic question is how language expresses the world and things and, consequently, what vision of the world is expressed by language and what relationship it creates with the real. Language lives for and by this constant aspiration to say the inexpressible and it tries to express the driving inner movement of the real through references and interlacing, by multiplying the relational threads of meanings. For example, the phonetic gesture performs for the speaker and his listener a certain structuring of experience, a certain modulation of existence. This is a communicative dimension in which meaning is always a process. It is the situation of co-feeling between subjects, in which understanding is achieved, as defined by Cornejo in his essay. Words, vowels, phonemes from this analysis are not only the conceptual and the final sense of words, but also their emotional sense, are ways to sing the world and they represent the emotional essence.

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