Bed usage in a Dublin teaching hospital: a prospective audit

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Aims and methods

We prospectively audited inpatient bed use in our hospital for the first three months of this year. While 70% (mean age 54±20.8 years) of our patients went home on the day they were medically discharged, 30% (mean age 70.3±18.3 years) remained in the hospital awaiting step-down facilities. The total of 486 bed days occupied by overstaying patients would if available, have allowed treatment of 54% more patients without any increase in the hospital complement of beds, preventing the cancellation of elective procedures and preventing patients remaining on trolleys overnight.

Results and conclusion

These prospective data emphasise (1) a highly inefficient use of acute hospital beds; (2) the need for step-down facilities; (3) efficient use of existing hospital beds is the highest priority both for optimal patient care and optimal use of expensive hospital resources; (4) efficient use of existing facilities should be achieved before the construction of additional facilities.

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