Painless burn injury caused by post-traumatic syringomyelia

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Syringomyelia, which is generally related to congenital malformations and tumors, may lead to paresthesia and dysfunctions in thermo-algesic perception. Post-traumatic syringomyelia (PTS) is a rare type of this disease characterised by the development of a cystic formation containing cerebrospinal fluid (CSF), which develops inside the spinal cord after spinal trauma.


The description of a case diagnosed as painless burn injury caused by PTS.


One case report.


Although there are a number of reports regarding the formation of neuropathic ulcers related to syringomyelia, painless burn injury descriptions are very rare. Despite available limited data related to this subject, it is important to warn patients about traumas—especially burns—after a diagnosis of PTS.

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