How to get a paper published

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Publication of research findings and novel concepts in the biomedical literature is the mainstay of knowledge mobilization. The communication of scientific work as papers follows a well-established framework. A clear understanding of the nature of this framework and how to assess one's own work against it is critical to successful acceptance and subsequent publication of manuscripts. This paper reviews the standard framework for scientific communication. Communicating your findings is a form of scientific storytelling. Generally, an author must capture the interest of a potential reader right at the abstract, which is sometimes the only way a reader sees the paper if they have discovered the work using a search engine. In the main body of the paper, the author must clearly explain how the study was designed and carried out with careful attention paid to any important details and to the statistical analysis, if appropriate. Results must be presented in a manner that is clear and easily interpreted by the reader. Then, the work should be discussed in the context of other work in the area, emphasizing the novel findings. This review will also address the issues of deciding where to publish and what happens to the paper after submission. Our intent is to provide general guidance for the publication of papers in the biomedical literature rather than be focused on publication in any specific journal.

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