Influence of bombardment with BA-coated microprojectiles on shoot organogenesis fromPhlox paniculataL. andPinus pineaL. tissues

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Leaves of Phlox paniculata L. were bombarded with BA-coated gold microprojectiles with the Biolistic PDS/1000-He gene gun. Increasing the concentration of BA from 0.01 to 0.1 mg/μl increased the mean number of adventitious shoots from 7 to 16 shoots per leaf. Bombardment of cotyledons of Pinus pinea L. (Italian stone pine) with BA-coated gold particles significantly reduced the frequency of shoot organogenesis by about 40%. However, induced shoot regenerants from bombarded explants of both P. paniculata and P. pinea were longer (>1 cm) than those derived from control explants after 3 and 5 wk following bombardment, respectively.

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