Micropropagation of ‘Durondeau' pear in modified-gelled medium

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The influence of partial substitution of agar by galactomannans (GMs) in culture media was studied in pear (Pyrus communis L. cv. ‘Durondeau') micropropagation. GMs. extracted from seeds of Cassia fastuosa (cassia) or Cyamopsis tetragonolobus (guar gum, a commercial GM), were mixed in equal proportions with agar to a final concentration of 0.3% (w/v) for each type of gelling agent. The production of multiple shoots and the formation of roots from shoots were compared with the control solidified with agar alone at a concentration of 0.6% (w/v). In the media solidified with the mixtures of agar/guar and agar/cassia GMs, an, increase of 32 and 17%, respectively, was obtained in the number of regenerated shoots. The modified media promoted a higher number of roots and increased the rooting percentage. A maximum of 91% rooting was obtained in the medium solidified with the agar/cassia GM and containing 9.80 μM indole-3-butyric acid. Less callus formation at the base of the shoot was also observed on this medium. The improved in vitro performance of shoot formation and rooting, combined with a significantly lower cost, suggests a potential use of agar/GM gels in plant tissue culture.

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