A simple method for mass propagation ofSpathiphyllum cannifoliumusing an airlift bioreactor

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A method for the micropropagation of Spathiphyllum cannifolium is presented using shoot tip proliferation onto Murashige and Skoog (MS) medium supplemented with different plant growth regulator concentrations and combinations. The proliferation responses were significantly influenced by the cytokinin type and concentrations. Supplementation of the medium with benzyladenine (BA; 4.44-13.32 μM) increased the shoot proliferation rate significantly as compared to other treatments. When cytokinins were used with auxin (indole-3-butyric acid, IBA and naphthalene acetic acid. NAA), the number of shoots per explant increased in comparison with treatments with BA alone. The largest number of shoots, 9.3 per explant, was obtained with 13.32 μM BA and 4.9 μM IBA. Different MS medium strengths and sucrose concentrations were used with the aim to stimulate in vitro shoot proliferation. Full MS medium with 30 gl−1 sucrose was found to be suitable for shoot tip culture of Spathiphyllum. Comparative studies between gelled medium and bioreactor culture [continuous immersion (with or without net) and temporary immersion in liquid media using ebb and flood] revealed that shoot multiplication and growth were more efficient in continuous immersion (with net) bioreactor with low cytokinin-supplemented media. Plantlets from the bioreactor were cultured hydroponically for 30 d and 100% of plants were rooted and acelimatized successfully. Rapid and efficient multiplication rate in bioreactor and successful transfer to greenhouse makes this protocol suitable for large-scale multiplication of this important foliage plant.

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