Mathematical model for wound healing following autologous keratinocyte transplantation

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In times of increasing economical pressure on the health care systems, it is important to optimise the outpatient treatment of chronic wounds. Another aim of wound healing research is to discover agents to accelerate healing. Wound healing trajectories or healing velocities can provide information to demonstrate the endpoints for wound healings. A great problem in clinical trials is to specify these parameters. Therefore, we developed a mathematical model for more transparency. In this initial project, we observed 19 wounds to construct the wound healing trajectories after transplantation of autologous keratinocytes, and the results are so encouraging that investigation in this area will continue. The developed mathematical model describes the clinical observed healing process. It was possible to find parameters to distinguish between old and young patients, retrospectively or prospectively calculate the healing rates and to determine exactly the endpoint of healing. Therefore, our model might be very useful in practices or for studies.

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