Reverse tissue expansion by liposuction deflation for revision of post-surgical thigh scars

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Scars hypertrophy and widen when stretching mechanical forces are applied to resilient newly formed collagen before it reaches final maturity marring the final result of many surgical procedures and resulting in a clinical problem for many patients. Scar revision by surgical excision remains the traditional treatment for hypertrophic or widespread scars. It relies upon recruitment of local tissues for closure of the ensuing defect. Providing tension-free skin closure is the best option to avoid recurrence. Although tissue expansion procedure is a valuable and reliable technique for scar revision, it has its own disadvantages and potential complications. We describe an alternative method for scar revision that may be applicable in certain situations. Instead of expanding the soft tissues to make available additional skin, deflation by liposuction may be affected to relax the skin envelope thus indirectly providing additional skin for scar revision. We call this method ‘reverse tissue expansion’.

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