The role of adult tissue-derived stem cells in chronic leg ulcers: a systematic review focused on tissue regeneration medicine

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Wound healing is an articulated process that can be impaired in different steps in chronic wounds. Chronic leg ulcers are a special type of non-healing wounds that represent an important cause of morbidity and public cost in western countries. Because of their common recurrence after conventional managements and increasing prevalence due to an ageing population, newer approaches are needed. Over the last decade, the research has been focused on innovative treatment strategies, including stem-cell-based therapies. After the initial interest in embryonic pluripotent cells, several different types of adult stem cells have been studied because of ethical issues. Specific types of adult stem cells have shown a high potentiality in tissue healing, in both in vitro and in vivo studies. Aim of this review is to clearly report the newest insights on tissue regeneration medicine, with particular regard for chronic leg ulcers.

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