Central Biogenic Amine Metabolism in Children with the Syndrome of Chronic Multiple Tics of Gilles de la Tourette: Norepinephrine, Serotonin, and Dopamine

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Central nervous system metabolism in children with the syndrome of Gilles de la Tourette (TS) and contrasting pediatric patients was assessed by measuring the cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) metabolites of dopamine (homovanillic acid, HVA) and serotonin (5-hydroxyindoleacetic acid, 5-HIAA) with and without the administration of probenecid. Reduced accumulation of CSF HVA and 5-HIAA was found in TS. This may represent a primary decrease in brain turnover of dopamine and serotonin or a long-term adaptation to overactivity in these systems, perhaps as a result of changes in receptor sensitivity. In the CSF of a child with profound TS, an elevated level of the major metabolite of norepine.

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