Granuloma annulare with a mycosis fungoides–like distribution and palisaded granulomas of CD68-positive histiocytes

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We describe 3 unusual cases of granuloma annulare with multiple macular lesions in a distribution that simulated mycosis fungoides in patients with no associated underlying diseases. Repeated biopsies showed typical well-formed palisading granulomas and no evidence of an atypical lymphocytic infiltrate. There was no vasculitis, neutrophilic, eosinophilic, or interstitial infiltrate. The patients had no associated underlying diseases. Most of the histiocytes in the palisading granulomas were strongly positive for CD68. The lymphocytes were a minor component of the granulomatous inflammation and were predominantly CD8+ T-cells. The findings in these cases add to the spectrum of previously defined granulomatous eruptions of the skin.

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