Psoriasis treatment patterns: Results of a cross-sectional survey of dermatologists

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The study evaluated community physician prescribing patterns for patients with psoriasis.


US dermatologists actively practicing general dermatology and treating 10 or more patients with psoriasis/mo were interviewed (n = 90) in April and June 2006 and they recruited 8 to 10 consecutive patients for record review (n = 895, mean age = 46 years, 51% men). Proportion of patients treated with systemic, biologic, or topical therapy as reported by the dermatologist and recorded in the records was assessed by psoriasis severity.


Among patients with severe psoriasis (body surface area affected > 10%), 56% to 63% received systemic therapy (including biologics) or phototherapy and 37% to 44% received topical therapy only. Dermatologists reported prescribing biologics to 41% of patients with severe disease compared with patient records where 27% to 34% of body surface area = 11% to 40% and 36% of body surface area greater than 40% patients received biologics.


Because of the small sample, eligibility criteria, and voluntary interview, selection bias may have occurred.


Some dermatologists are prescribing systemic therapy for the majority of their patients with severe psoriasis but a gap in treatment remains for about 40% who received topical therapy alone.

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