Components of a successful intervention for monthly skin self-examination for early detection of melanoma: The “Check It Out” Trial

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Multicomponent Check-It-Out project interventions were found to be effective at increasing thorough skin self-examinations (TSSE). Application of this research will benefit from determining the most important interventions for promoting TSSE.


Identification of the most important Check-It-Out intervention components for promoting TSSE.


This study analyzed the responses of the 567 participants who were randomized into the skin examination intervention group and who did not report performing TSSE at their baseline interview.


Watching the video, using the hand mirror, shower card, American Cancer Society brochure, sample photographs, and finding the health educator helpful were associated with performing TSSE at 2 months, 12 months, or both.


Use of the materials within the skin group was not randomly assigned. All data were based on participant self-report.


As future interventions to increase TSSE are developed, the identified useful components will be important to include.

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