The relative ease of obtaining a dermatologic appointment in Boston: How methods drive results

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Recent reports have indicated long wait times for dermatologic appointments even for changing moles.


Our objective was to determine the wait time for a person willing to make multiple calls and accept an appointment from any dermatologist at any satellite location for a changing mole from a dermatologist who advertised in a Boston, MA, telephone book.


We telephoned each practice listed in a Boston, MA, telephone book.


Patients making one call to each dermatologic practice on average obtained an appointment in 18 days. Patients calling two practices were offered an appointment on average in 7 days. Patients calling 3 practices were also offered an appointment in 1 week.


We only telephoned practices listed in a Boston, MA, telephone book and we only surveyed one urban area.


These results suggest that a reasonable concerned patient who was willing to make multiple calls to different providers in Boston, MA, can be seen in a timely fashion.

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