Bilateral Madelung Wrist Deformity in a 13-Year-Old Girl: Surgical Correction With the Taylor Spatial Frame External Fixation System

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Madelung deformity is a complex malformation of the wrist, due to growth disturbance in the volar and ulnar part of the distal radial physis. We report a bilateral idiopathic Madelung wrist deformity, in a 13-year-old girl, corrected surgically with the Taylor spatial frame external fixation system plus osteotomy. The Taylor spatial frame,a hexapod system of external fixation, has the ability, by distraction histogenesis, to simultaneously correct all components of this multiplanar three-dimensional wrist deformity, restoring gradually the distal radius morphology and radiocarpal alignment. Furthermore, the hexapod system, assisted with a web-based software program, allowed for, any time during the correction procedure, all proper modifications of the prescription needed, for the deformity correction. With this surgical technique, we achieved a full correction of the bilateral Madelung deformity and restored good function.

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