Decreased Hip Internal Rotation Increases the Risk of Back and Abdominal Muscle Injuries in Professional Baseball Players: Analysis of 258 Player-seasons

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The relationship of hip range of motion (ROM) to shoulder, elbow, abdominal, and back injuries remains undefined.


We assessed hip ROM on players reporting to Major League Spring Training for an organization over six seasons (2010 to 2015). Hip ROM was correlated with player abdominal, back, shoulder, and elbow injury status for those seasons using multivariate binomial logistic regression analysis.


A total of 258 player-seasons (129 pitchers and 129 position players) resulted in 20 back and 35 abdominal injuries across all players and 28 elbow and 25 shoulder injuries in pitchers. Hip ROM did not correlate with shoulder or elbow injuries. Hip internal rotation deficit of 5° correlated with core injury (odds ratio [OR], 1.40; P = 0.024 for pitchers; OR, 1.35; P = 0.026 for position players) and back injury (OR, 1.160; P = 0.022 for pitchers).


Hip internal rotation deficits were predictive of back and abdominal injuries but not shoulder or elbow injury.

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