Nonbacterial Causes of Lymphangitis with Streaking

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Lymphangitic streaking, characterized by linear erythema on the skin, is most commonly observed in the setting of bacterial infection. However, a number of nonbacterial causes can result in lymphangitic streaking. We sought to elucidate the nonbacterial causes of lymphangitic streaking that may mimic bacterial infection to broaden clinicians' differential diagnosis for patients presenting with lymphangitic streaking.


We performed a review of the literature, including all available reports pertaining to nonbacterial causes of lymphangitic streaking.


Various nonbacterial causes can result in lymphangitic streaking, including viral and fungal infections, insect or spider bites, and iatrogenic etiologies.


Awareness of potential nonbacterial causes of superficial lymphangitis is important to avoid misdiagnosis and delay the administration of appropriate care.

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