Occupational asthma by Anisakis simplex

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No cases of occupational asthma caused by the inhalation of antigens from Anisakis simplex have been published.


The purpose of this study was to evaluate the possibility that A simplex can play a role in the asthma experienced by 2 workers when handling fish and fish flour.


Skin prick and bronchial challenge tests with A simplex were performed. We also carried out measurements of specific IgE to A simplex and immunoblotting.


Both patients had strong positive skin test responses, challenge test responses, and specific IgE to A simplex. Immunoblotting showed that both patients also had IgE against several bands in the fish flour extract, suggesting contamination by Anisakis allergens.


These 2 patients provide evidence for occupational asthma caused by A simplex, based on in vivo and in vitro tests for Anisakis-specific IgE.

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