Mediators of asthma outcomes

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Patient adherence, the level of asthma self-management skills, exposure to stress, and depression can have considerable influence on a wide range of asthma outcomes and thus are considered asthma outcome mediators.


National Institutes of Health institutes and other federal agencies convened an expert group to recommend standardized measures for 7 domains of asthma clinical research outcomes measures. Although the review of mediators of these outcomes was not within the scope of any specific outcome topic, a brief summary is presented so that researchers might consider potential mediators.


We prepared a summary of key mediators of asthma outcomes based on expertise and knowledge of the literature.


The rationale for including measures of adherence, self-management skills, and exposures to stress in asthma clinical research is presented, along with a brief review of instruments for collecting this information from clinical research participants.


Appropriate measurement of adherence, self-management skills, and exposures to stress will enhance characterization of study participants and provide information about the potential impact these factors can have on mediating the effects of treatment interventions.

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