Thermoluminescent and Monte Carlo dosimetry of IR06-Symbolbrachytherapy source

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This work presents experimental dosimetry results for a new Symbol brachytherapy seed, in accordance with the AAPM TG-43U1 recommendation that all new low-energy interstitial brachytherapy seeds should undergo one Monte Carlo (MC) and at least one experimental dosimetry characterization. Measurements were performed using TLD-GR200A circular chip dosimeters using standard methods employing thermoluminescent dosimeters in a Perspex phantom. The Monte Carlo N-particle (MCNP) code, version 5 was used to evaluate the dose-rate distributions around this model Symbol source in water and Perspex phantoms. The consensus value for dose-rate constant of the IR06-Symbol source was found equal to Symbol. The anisotropy function, Symbol, and the radial dose function, Symbol, of the seed were measured in Perspex phantom and calculated in both Perspex and liquid water phantom. The measured values were also found in good agreement with corresponding MC calculations.

PACS number: 87.53.Jw

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