Monte Carlo characterization of 169Yb as a high-dose-rate source for brachytherapy application by FLUKA code

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Higher initial dose rate and simplifying HDR room treatment of Symbol element among other brachytherapy sources has led to investigating its feasibility as high-dose-rate seed. In this work, Monte Carlo calculation was performed to obtain dosimetric parameters of Symbol, Model M42 source at different radial distances according to AAPM TG-43U1 and HEBD Report about HDR sources in both air vacuum and spherical homogeneous water phantom. The deposited energy resulted by FLUKA as Monte Carlo code using binning estimators around Symbol source was converted into radial dose rate distribution in polar coordinates surrounding the brachytherapy source. The results indicate a dose rate constant of Symbol with approximate uncertainty of 0.04%, air kerma strength, Symbol and anisotropy function ranging from 0.386 to 1.00 for radial distances of 0.5–10 cm and polar angles of 0°–180°. Overall, FLUKA dosimetric outputs were benchmarked with those published by Cazeca et al. via MCNP5 as one of validate dosimetry datasets related to Symbol HDR source. As a result, it seems that FLUKA code can be applicable as a valuable tool to Monte Carlo evaluation of novel HDR brachytherapy sources.

PACS number: 87.15.ak

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