TOPAS Simulation of the Mevion S250 compact proton therapy unit

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As proton therapy becomes increasingly popular, so does the need for Monte Carlo simulation studies involving accurate beam line modeling of proton treatment units. In this study, the 24 beam configurations of the Mevion S250 proton therapy system installed recently at our institution were modeled using the TOolkit for PArticle Simulation (TOPAS) code. Pristine Bragg peak, spread out Bragg peak (SOBP), and lateral beam profile dose distributions were simulated and matched to the measurements taken during commissioning of the unit. Differences in the range for all Percent Depth Dose (PDD) curves between measured and simulated data agreed to within 0.1 cm. For SOBP scans, the SOBP widths all agreed to within 0.3 cm. With regards to lateral beam profile comparisons between the measured and simulated data, the penumbras differed by less than 1 mm and the flatness differed by less than 1% in nearly all cases. This study shows that Monte Carlo simulation studies involving the Mevion S250 proton therapy unit can be a viable tool in commissioning and verification of the proton treatment planning system.

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