Integration of Medication-Assisted Treatment Information for Opioid Use Disorders Into a Graduate Nursing Curriculum

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Purpose:The United States is in the midst of an unprecedented public health crisis, with annual morbidity and mortality data related to opioid use consistently increasing and appearing more worrisome. To mitigate such consequences, it is critical that those with opioid use disorders are provided with and have access to evidence-based treatment modalities.Methods:The project utilized a course scaffolding approach to integrate a comprehensive substance use framework into an advanced practice nursing curriculum, with an emphasis on medication-assisted treatment as part of an advanced pharmacology course required for licensure.Results:Students’ knowledge assessment increased significantly, from an average of 2.82 to 3.78 out of 5 items, t(217) = −10.31, p < .01.Conclusions:Educators and academic administrators must be steadfast in their resolve to include substance use, and specifically opioid use, education into all areas and levels of nursing study.

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