MEK Inhibitor–Induced Dusky Erythema: Characteristic Drug Hypersensitivity Manifestation in 3 Patients

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MEK inhibitors are being evaluated in clinical trials for treatment of different malignant neoplasms; trametinib dimethyl sulfoxide was approved by the US Food and Drug Administration for melanoma in 2013. We present 3 cases of patients receiving MEK inhibitors who developed an atypical eruption.


Three patients who were receiving different MEK inhibitors (selumetinib, cobimetinib, and trametinib) developed an eruption, all associated with unique duskiness. Drug hypersensitivity was confirmed by histopathologic testing in 2 of the 3 cases. The skin eruption responded well to corticosteroids and did not recur when treatment with the MEK inhibitor was restarted in 2 of the patients.


The typical skin reaction associated with MEK inhibitors is a papulopustular eruption. To our knowledge, the dusky erythema that occurred in the 3 patients described here has not previously been reported for this drug class.

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