Risk Behaviors, HIV Seropositivity, and Tuberculosis Infection in Injecting Drug Users Who Operate Shooting Galleries in Puerto Rico

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This study was designed to assess HIV risk behaviors, HIV seroprevalence, and tuberculosis (TB) infection in shooting gallery managers in Puerto Rico. The subjects were 464 injection drug users (IDUs), of whom 12.5% reported managing shooting galleries. The median frequency of drug injection was higher in shooting gallery managers than in nonmanagers. A trend was observed for purified protein derivative (PPD) reactivity to increase according to the length of time spent as a gallery manager, but this trend was not statistically significant. However, anergy rates increased significantly with increase in the number of months spent as shooting gallery manager (p = .021). Multivariate analyses showed that IDUs reporting shooting gallery management experience of ≥25 months were more likely to be infected with HIV. Prevention programs need to emphasize strategies to protect the health of shooting gallery clients and, in particular, shooting gallery managers. Additional studies are required to determine effective strategies for reducing the risk of HIV and TB infection in shooting galleries.

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