Toward an AIDS-Free Generation With Option B+ : Reconceptualizing and Integrating Prevention of Mother to Child Transmission (PMTCT) With Pediatric Antiretroviral Therapy Initiatives
Low-Level HIV Viremia Is Associated With Microbial Translocation and Inflammation
Transient Liver Injury Associated With the Early Recovery of HCV-Specific T-Cell Responses and HCV Rebound in HIV-1/HCV Coinfected Patients Undergoing Highly Active Antiretroviral Therapy
Associations Between Genital Tract Infections, Genital Tract Inflammation, and Cervical Cytobrush HIV-1 DNA in US Versus Kenyan Women
Predictive Accuracy of the Veterans Aging Cohort Study Index for Mortality With HIV Infection : A North American Cross Cohort Analysis
Maraviroc Once-Daily Nucleoside Analog-Sparing Regimen in Treatment-Naive Patients : Randomized, Open-Label Pilot Study
Efficacy and Safety of Lersivirine (UK-453,061) Versus Efavirenz in Antiretroviral Treatment–Naive HIV-1–Infected Patients : Week 48 Primary Analysis Results From an Ongoing, Multicenter, Randomized, Double-Blind, Phase IIb Trial
Impact of Recommendation Updates in Well-Controlled Patients on Nonrecommended Antiretroviral Therapies : The Swiss HIV Cohort Study
Differential Cognitive Impairment in HCV Coinfected Men With Controlled HIV Compared to HCV Monoinfection
Genetic Variants in the Host Restriction Factor APOBEC3G are Associated With HIV-1–Related Disease Progression and Central Nervous System Impairment in Children
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Leveraging a Rapid, Round-the-Clock HIV Testing System to Screen for Acute HIV Infection in a Large Urban Public Medical Center
Outcomes of Antiretroviral Therapy in Children in Asia and Africa : A Comparative Analysis of the IeDEA Pediatric Multiregional Collaboration
HIV Postexposure Prophylaxis in an Urban Population of Female Sex Workers in Nairobi, Kenya
HIV Testing and Counseling Leads to Immediate Consistent Condom Use Among South African Stable HIV-Discordant Couples
Transmission of Risk-Group Specific HIV-1 Strains Among Dutch Drug Users for More Than 20 Years and Their Replacement by Nonspecific Strains After Switching to Low-Harm Drug Practices
Population-Level Impact of Avahan in Karnataka State, South India Using Multilevel Statistical Modelling Techniques
Poor Diet Quality Is Associated With Low CD4 Count and Anemia and Predicts Mortality Among Antiretroviral Therapy–Naive HIV-Positive Adults in Uganda
Patient Retention From HIV Diagnosis Through One Year on Antiretroviral Therapy at a Primary Health Care Clinic in Johannesburg, South Africa
Home-Based HIV Testing and Counseling in Rural and Urban Kenyan Communities
Associations Between HLA-DRB1*0102, HLA-B*5801, and Hepatotoxicity During Initiation of Nevirapine-Containing Regimens in South Africa
Pharmacokinetics of Maraviroc, Raltegravir, Darunavir, and Etravirine in the Semen of HIV-Infected Men
Improved Detection of Incident HIV Infection and Uptake of PMTCT Services in Labor and Delivery in a High HIV Prevalance Setting : Erratum