Supporting Implementation Research to Improve Coverage and Uptake of HIV Related Interventions
Improving Retention in Care Among Pregnant Women and Mothers Living With HIV : Lessons From INSPIRE and Implications for Future WHO Guidance and Monitoring
Beyond “Option B+” : Understanding Antiretroviral Therapy (ART) Adherence, Retention in Care and Engagement in ART Services Among Pregnant and Postpartum Women Initiating Therapy in Sub-Saharan Africa
Impact of Mother–Infant Pair Clinics and Short-Text Messaging Service (SMS) Reminders on Retention of HIV-Infected Women and HIV-Exposed Infants in eMTCT Care in Malawi : A Cluster Randomized Trial
Integrating HIV and Maternal, Neonatal and Child Health Services in Rural Malawi : An Evaluation of the Implementation Processes and Challenges
Impact of Facility- and Community-Based Peer Support Models on Maternal Uptake and Retention in Malawi's Option B+ HIV Prevention of Mother-to-Child Transmission Program : A 3-Arm Cluster Randomized Controlled Trial (PURE Malawi)
Viral Suppression and HIV Drug Resistance at 6 Months Among Women in Malawi's Option B+ Program : Results From the PURE Malawi Study
The Effect of a Continuous Quality Improvement Intervention on Retention-In-Care at 6 Months Postpartum in a PMTCT Program in Northern Nigeria : Results of a Cluster Randomized Controlled Study
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The Impact of Structured Mentor Mother Programs on 6-Month Postpartum Retention and Viral Suppression among HIV-Positive Women in Rural Nigeria : A Prospective Paired Cohort Study
The Impact of Structured Mentor Mother Programs on Presentation for Early Infant Diagnosis Testing in Rural North-Central Nigeria : A Prospective Paired Cohort Study
Impact of Point-of-Care CD4 Testing on Retention in Care Among HIV-Positive Pregnant and Breastfeeding Women in the Context of Option B+ in Zimbabwe : A Cluster Randomized Controlled Trial
Patterns of HIV Care Clinic Attendance and Adherence to Antiretroviral Therapy Among Pregnant and Breastfeeding Women Living With HIV in the Context of Option B+ in Zimbabwe
Impact of Facility-Based Mother Support Groups on Retention in Care and PMTCT Outcomes in Rural Zimbabwe : The EPAZ Cluster-Randomized Controlled Trial
Patterns of Attendance at Mother Support Groups in Zimbabwe. The EPAZ Trial (2014–2016)
The Roles of Expert Mothers Engaged in Prevention of Mother-to-Child Transmission (PMTCT) Programs : A Commentary on the INSPIRE Studies in Malawi, Nigeria, and Zimbabwe
Modeling the Impact of Retention Interventions on Mother-to-Child Transmission of HIV : Results From INSPIRE Studies in Malawi, Nigeria, and Zimbabwe
Building Health System Capacity Through Implementation Research : Experience of INSPIRE—A Multi-country PMTCT Implementation Research Project