Supporting Implementation Research to Improve Coverage and Uptake of HIV Related Interventions

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In 2015, Global Affairs Canada joined other members of the United Nations to establish the Sustainable Development Goals, which include the elimination of AIDS by 2030. Innovation is an important part of accelerating the response against HIV and ensuring success in eliminating AIDS by 2030. This is the reason Global Affairs Canada decided to partner with the World Health Organization, to support the INtegration and Scaling Up PMTCT through Implementation REsearch (INSPIRE) initiative, to learn how HIV interventions can be successfully integrated with other essential health services for mothers and children, especially among the most vulnerable populations. Canada also believes that the empowerment of women and girls will be critical to eliminating AIDS. INSPIRE is the evidence that providing women with the knowledge and skills necessary to prevent, treat, and manage HIV enables them to become experts and agents of change in their families and communities. We know that when women are empowered with critical information regarding their health, there is greater retention in care which leads to improved treatment adherence and ultimately helps to reduce the rate of new infections. Global Affairs Canada is proud to have supported the World Health Organization in this effort.

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