A-104 Immune Targeting of the Latent Reservoir

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HIV is a human infectious exogenous retrovirus which is thought to have infected human populations from cross primate species transmissions. Within our genomes are remnants of past infectious retroviruses which have endogenized, called “endogenous retroviruses” (ERVs). We have previously shown that human ERVs (HERVs) can be transcribed in an HIV infected cell, but had not identified which sub-family or unique HERV was transcribed. Using a novel computational pipeline, Telescope, we have identified which HERVs are expressed in HIV infected cells.We have received funding for a Martin Delaney Collaboratory grant called “Believe” in which we research towards HIV eradication based upon enhanced targeted cell therapy. As part of this program, we have investigated whether we can identify markers which uniquely identify the latent reservoir. New data will be presented on 2 putative markers, CD32a and IFITM1.

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