Trichosporon inkin as an Emergent Pathogen in Patients With Severe Pemphigus

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ImportanceTo our knowledge, these are the first reports of bloodstream infections by Trichosporon inkin in patients with pemphigus.ObservationsTrichosporon inkin, a novel organism causing bloodstream infection, was detected in 2 patients with pemphigus. An elderly man with pemphigus foliaceus died despite treatment with liposomal amphotericin B, 3 mg/kg/d, and a young girl with pemphigus vulgaris responded to treatment with voriconazole, 8 mg/kg/d, for 24 days. One of the T inkin isolates had a minimal inhibitory concentration of 2 mg/L against amphotericin B, suggesting resistance to the drug.Conclusions and RelevanceDelayed suspicion of invasive infection by T inkin may result in a poor outcome in patients with severe forms of pemphigus. This opportunistic infection is highly refractory to conventional potent antifungal treatment.

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