Inhalant Abuse (Typewriter Correction Fluid) in Street Children

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Background:Inhalant abuse is a growing concern in India among street children.Aim:To describe the sociodemographic and clinical characteristics of 9 street children and adolescents with typewriter correction fluid abuse.Method:Nine street children who presented to the psychiatry department of Dr. Ram Manohar Lohia Hospital, New Delhi for treatment of inhalant abuse were interviewed.Findings:The inhalant abusers were boys of 10 to 17 years, school dropouts who had run away from villages of Bihar and Uttar Pradesh. In two-third of children there was domestic violence and conflict in their family, along with physical abuse by family members; in one-third it was due to alcoholic fathers. They used to “huff” typewriter correction fluid, and abused other substances as well.Conclusion:There is a need to systematically study inhalant abuse in the street children in India.

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