An Unfolding Case with a Linked Objective Structured Clinical Examination (OSCE): A Curriculum in Inpatient Geriatric Medicine

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As the percentage of time devoted to the care of older adults by internists continues to rise, the need for these physicians to be skilled at their care becomes even more critical. In fact, the Education Committee of the American Geriatrics Society has recommended the development of structured educational curricula to teach the principles of geriatric care. This article describes a comprehensive, evidence-based curriculum for internal medicine house staff in inpatient geriatric medicine. The intervention encompasses a novel instructional method, defined skill and behavioral goals, and a competency-based effectiveness evaluation. Moreover, the principles in this curricular model are those that may affect any hospitalized older adult and so will be important for all house staff taking care of inpatient geriatric patients, regardless of their future subspecialty choice.

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