Multimorbidity With HIV: Views of Community-Based People Living With HIV and Other Chronic Conditions

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People living with HIV (PLWH) experience an increase in chronic conditions with aging, but little is known about experiences of living with multimorbidity with HIV. Because early palliative care services may improve well-being for individuals with multimorbidity, we planned to test an intervention to provide these services to community-dwelling PLWH with other chronic conditions. To tailor our intervention to the target population, we conducted four focus groups (n = 22) that elicited health-related needs, experiences, and views regarding palliative and other health services. We identified four themes related to patients' needs and experiences: views of HIV as background to other chronic conditions, challenges managing medications and provider interactions, concerns about coping with future health needs, and persistence of HIV stigma. In addressing multimorbidity with HIV, providers and patients may benefit from enhanced attention to communication when crossing specialty areas and from additional support to decrease stressors associated with HIV stigma.

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