Shortened and Culturally Appropriate HIV Stigma Scale for Asians Living with HIV in the United States: Psychometric Analysis

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Instruments to measure HIV stigma in people living with HIV in the United States or in Asia may not be sensitive enough to capture the stigma experienced by Asians living with HIV (ALWH) in the United States. Our purpose was to adapt the shortened Berger Stigma Scale to be culturally appropriate for ALWH in the United States. We conducted a mixed-method study (i.e., five in-depth face-to-face interviews, six subject matter expert reviews, two focus groups [n = 11]) to generate new scale items and a cross-sectional survey (n = 67) to evaluate the psychometric properties of the adapted scale called Stigma Scale for ALWH. The scale contains 13 items with three subscales (personalized stigma/disclosure, negative self-image, public attitude) with good reliability (α = 0.92 overall) and validity. We describe the Stigma Scale for ALWH that is culturally appropriate to measure HIV stigma experienced by ALWH in the United States.

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