Support for PrEP Among New Jersey Health Care Workers

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We used an online survey of health care workers in New Jersey to assess awareness, perceptions, and support of preexposure prophylaxis (PrEP). We sampled respondents from diverse health care worker occupations, in HIV and non-HIV care settings. Of 174 participants, awareness of PrEP was high at 91% (n = 122), as was support for its use by members of at-risk groups (74%). Occupation was the only independent variable with significant variation in support of PrEP, with 41% of disease intervention specialists/health educators supporting PrEP completely, compared with 93% of nurses. Concerns that poor adherence could lead to resistant strains of HIV and that use could lead to “irresponsible sexual activity” were the most commonly endorsed barriers to PrEP support. The study suggests that, despite high levels of PrEP awareness, targeted education activities are needed to support New Jersey's efforts to expand PrEP availability and use.

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