Molecular characterization of an Escherichia coli clinical isolate that produces both metallo-β-lactamase VIM-2 and extended-spectrum β-lactamase GES-7: identification of the In8 integron carrying the blaVIM-2 gene

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We have previously reported the isolation of a VIM-2-producing Escherichia coli clinical isolate and the coexistence of blaVIM-2 and blaGES-7 in the same isolate. The aim of this study was to elucidate the genetic environment of these genes.


PCR and sequence analysis were used to identify and analyse the blaVIM-containing integron. The location of the blaVIM-2 and blaGES-7 genes was identified by hybridization experiments on I-CeuI-digested genomic DNA after PFGE.


Only the blaVIM-2 gene has been found on a class I integron, designated In8 (1474 bp). Hybridization with the blaVIM-2, the blaGES-7 and the 16S–23S rRNA probes confirmed the chromosomal location of both genes. The blaVIM-2 probe hybridized with a 710 kb fragment whereas the blaGES-7 probe hybridized with a 144 kb fragment of genomic DNA of the E. coli isolate.


This report provides evidence for the chromosomal location of both blaVIM-2 and blaGES-7 genes carried by an E. coli clinical isolate. In8, containing blaVIM-2, presents an emerging threat of carbapenem resistance among E. coli isolates in Greece.

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