Development of pamphlets for cancer patients in disaster situations based on the study of cancer patients' care needs

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AimThe aim of this study is to develop a care package to help cancer patients improve their self-care abilities and better prepare for a disaster, so that they can continue treatment and perform symptom management strategies in disaster situations.MethodsIn this study, the “Care Package for Cancer Patients in Times of Disaster”, which comprises four pamphlets, was developed through discussions among the eight members of the study group. The care package was produced by making additions and modifications, based on the findings obtained in the above two steps, to the patient education booklets developed in the area of oncology.ResultsOf the areas that cancer patients find difficult in times of disaster, the following six were extracted: difficulty in continuing treatment, the possibility of running out of pain medicines and how to store pain medicines, the possibility of not being able to go to a regular hospital, the shortage of stoma-care appliances and other products, the possibility of exposure to infections at a shelter, and the necessity of providing care for cancer patients and their families before and after death. By incorporating these pieces of information, we developed the four pamphlets. These pamphlets are posted on the website for public use.ConclusionThe newly developed pamphlets incorporate information on how to cope with specific situations in times of disaster, based on the findings obtained from the “Survey on Actual Conditions of Treatment and Nursing Care to Cancer Patients in Disaster Situations”.

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