Literature review of pain management for people with chronic pain

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Aim:Multimodal approaches toward relieving pain, patients' participation, and improving self-efficacy are important for chronic pain management. The aims of this review were to identify possible options of nursing strategies for pain management in individuals with chronic pain and to determine the effectiveness of these strategies for pain relief/pain-related problems; therefore, nurses and researchers could consider and/or adopt multimodal chronic pain management strategies.Methods:A Systematic Integrated Literature Review was conducted. Published work related to pain management in individuals with chronic pain was identified by searching databases and reviewed.Results:Among the studies reviewed, we identified 35 studies that focused on pain management strategies. In 10 studies, interventions such as integrated and multidisciplinary pain management programs were associated with significant decreases in pain intensity. However, they reported that the long-term effectiveness of pain relief was not satisfactory. Individuals with chronic pain reported that strategies including pharmacotherapy, physical activity, social support from friends and family, acupuncture, heating, rest, diets, or life-style changes helped them to effectively manage their pain.Conclusion:We identified possible options of pain management strategies and explored effectiveness of chronic pain interventions. The long-term effects of pain relief interventions and social support for individuals with chronic pain require further investigation.

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