Effect of feeding deoiled mahua (Bassia latifolia) seed cake on the growth performance, digestibility and balance of nutrients in cross-bred calves during pre-patent period ofFasciola giganticainfection

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A study was conducted to assess the growth performance and nutrient utilization of cross-bred calves serially infected with Fasciola gigantica and/or supplemented with deoiled mahua seed cake (DMSC) during pre-patent period of infection. Twenty healthy cross-bred (Holstein Friesian × Haryana) male calves aged 6–7 months with an initial average live weight of 79.6 ± 2.71 kg were divided into four treatment groups (CON, CON-INF, DMC and DMC-INF) of five animals each following randomized block design. DMSC was included in the concentrate mixture of DMC and DMC-INF groups at 100 g/kg level. Animals of groups CON-INF and DMC-INF were given an infection of 200 metacercariae (mc) of F. gigantica as serial infection dose of 50 mc twice weekly over a period of 2 weeks. A metabolism trial at 40–49 days post-infection and growth trial of 145 days duration were conducted. The average daily gain (ADG) and feed conversion ratio (FCR) were significantly (p < 0.05) lower in CON-INF group as compared to others. The ADG and FCR were significantly (p < 0.05) higher in DMC-INF as compared to CON-INF. The intake and digestibility of nutrients were not affected by serial infection with F. gigantica during pre-patent period. However, significantly (p < 0.001) higher urinary excretion and significantly (p < 0.001) lower nitrogen balance were observed in CON-INF group as compared to other three groups. The nitrogen balance was significantly (p < 0.001) improved in DMC-INF group as compared to CON-INF group. From the results, it may be deduced that the supplementation of deoiled mahua seed cake at 100 g/kg level in the concentrate mixture has improved the growth performance and nitrogen utilization in cross-bred calves infected with F. gigantica.

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