Direct cathodic reduction of Leuco Sulfur Black 1 and Sulfur Black 1

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The electrochemical activity of Leuco Sulfur Black 1 in alkaline solution is shown by the means of voltammograms of the dyestuff recorded in a flow cell. The voltammograms indicate the possibility for further dyestuff reduction by cathodic electron transfer. In batch electrolysis experiments successful reduction of Leuco Sulfur Black 1 was achieved using a multi cathode cell. Applying similar experimental conditions cathodic reduction of the insoluble oxidized dyestuff Sulfur Black 1 was achieved. In a first step the dispersed Sulfur Black 1 is reduced to give an alkaline soluble form of the dyestuff that can be reduced further to yield Leuco Sulfur Black 1. Analogous to the electrochemical behaviour of technically produced Leuco Sulfur Black 1, which contains reducing agents, the solution of Leuco Sulfur Black 1 formed by electrolysis is able to undergo further cathodic electron transfer. The cathodic dyestuff reduction is of importance for the development of sulfur dyeing processes which do not require addition of reducing chemicals.

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