Translation and Adaptation of a Nursing Swearing Impact Questionnaire Into Chinese

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BACKGROUND: Verbal aggression and swearing are the most frequently encountered violence in the health care industry. Nurses are the most frequent victims. Not known is the incidence and impact of swearing against nurses in China. OBJECTIVES: (a) Develop a Chinese version of the Nursing Swearing Impact Questionnaire; (b) report the preliminary findings from the use of the tool. METHOD: Using a translation–back translation procedure, focus groups and expert review, followed by a survey of 32 participants. RESULTS: The Chinese version of the Nursing Swearing Impact Questionnaire has been developed, and cultural differences and different attitudes toward verbal aggression and swearing in disparate groups and workplaces have been highlighted. CONCLUSIONS: This is the first Chinese tool to research nurses’ perspectives and experiences of swearing in the workplace. Nurses in China face serious challenges, and the impact of swearing on nurses requires more attention.

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