Components of Brief Admission as a Crisis Intervention for Patients With a Borderline Personality Disorder: Results of a Delphi Study

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BACKGROUND: Brief admission (BA) is a widely used intervention for patients with a borderline personality disorder but it has not yet clearly defined and still lacks clear operational standards. To fully develop this intervention, the relevant components need to be identified and clearly documented. OBJECTIVE: To obtain consensus on the components of BA as a crisis intervention for patients with a borderline personality disorder. DESIGN: Modified Delphi study. RESULTS: Consensus of 100% was reached for the components: “BA plan must be developed together with the patient”; “The BA intervention should be mentioned in the care plan for the patient”; “Not all behavior on the part of the patient has to be accepted during a BA”; and “The BA can only be offered together with treatment by a community care professional.” CONCLUSION: Consensus on the components of BA was reached for 82 of the 90 components. This indicates a substantial degree of agreement on what BA should entail.

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