Induction of conchospore release: ecotypic variation in northeast Pacific species ofPorphyra

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Interest in Porphyra mariculture in Alaska and a proscription against importing non-indigenous species or stock prompted us to investigate conditions that stimulate release of conchospores in local species of interest. Many of these species had been investigated previously using strains from Washington State. We observed at least one significant difference in release conditions in Alaskan strains of Porphyra abbottiae, P. fallax, and P. torta compared to Washington strains. We have also produced blades from conchocelis of P. cuneiformis, P. pseudolanceolata, and P. pseudolinearis Ueda species complex, for which release conditions have not yet been documented in northeast Pacific strains. Our results show that species of Porphyra in this region have multiple and varying conditions for spore release and blade production, and that important differences in these conditions can arise between populations within a region. Archeospores are reported for the conchocelis of both P. abbottiae and P. torta for the first time.

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